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35 years of production, development and many years of practical experience guarantee you the best possible results and highest quality of all components installed by AWEX.


Personal AWEX support and a worldwide spare parts supply from assembly groups to the smallest screw ensure fast support to keep your AWEX running.


AWEX carton-strippers are a German success story. To guarantee our high standards of customer satisfaction and quality, we have been producing "Made in Germany” since 1984.


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AWEX carton-strippers are highly engineered and continually improved devices for the cardboard industry. The high quality standard is ensured, among other things, by the consistent development and production "Made in Germany". Experience gained from over 35 years of production and further development ensures maximum reliability and productivity.


Finish the time-consuming and stressful waste-stripping by hand. Our AWEX carton-strippers allows lightning fast removal of die-cut waste from folding carton, e-flute, cardboard, microwave- and corrugated board.

When breaking out the die-cut waste with our AWEX carton-strippers, the sheets remain exactly stacked as they left the die-cutter.

Designed to meet the requirements of our customers, our AWEX carton-strippers have proven their worth in cartonboard and board processing worldwide for 35 years.

A video says more than 1000 words.
Our video showcases the efficiency of the AWEX carton-stripper and how significantly it can improve the productivity of your stripping department.

Prerequisite for using our technology is that the outside trim must be cut into trim sections. Except from this is the clutch edge. This will be stripped out reciprocally, on the left and right side. Please see also the principle picture for waste segments, on the next site.

Subdivide the waste edge in a way that the chain can operate at the widest part of the waste edge.

Furthermore, the smaller the number of nicks (to heed at new forms), the faster the stripping operation will go.

The AWEX carton-stripper removes the trim section by section at high speed. A section of the stack of 250 sheets high can be removed in one second for instance.

This performance results in a substantial lowering of manual stripping cost.


The principle and handling is very simple. The chain of the AWEX carton-stripper is placed with some pressure on the outer edge of the waste before the device is switched on. The rotating, hardened and hard-chromed chain strips the exterior trim from the die-cut sheet at high speed. Slide down the AWEX carton-stripper with some pressure on the waste trim. Depending on the number of nicks and the breaks of the die-cut waste, you have to do a right / left combination with the AWEX carton-stripper to break out the die-cut waste along the full length of the stack. A chrome-plated cover over the chain prevents damage to the sheets and helps you to slide down the stack easily.

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AWEX Carton-Stripper

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About us

After the invention and granting of the patent for the AWEX carton stripper with the rotating chain by Dipl. Ing. Helmut Wolter, the company Angelika Wolter Geräte für die Kartonagenindustrie was founded in 1984..
Firstly established and valued on the German and European market, the company quickly evolved to a world-wide supplier in the print and packaging industry. 
Also after the handover of the company to the 2nd generation in the year 2008 and the change of name to Michael Wolter Geräte für die Kartonagenindustrie we claim to strengthen our position in the market. This is why we continuously optimise our products to meet our clients requirements, extend our global network of distribution partners as well as keep collaborating with companies who like to distribute our AWEX carton strippers as part of their product range.