awex t2d professional waste stripper system

Technical specifications

pneumatic motor: ATLAS COPCO
performance: 840 Watt
pressure: 6,3 bar
compressed air needs: 16,5 l/s
weight: 5,5 kg
width of the chain cover: 31 mm
width of chain: 20 mm


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Product discription

“our strongest“
The AWEX-T2D is particularly well suited for extensive waste. If you have to put a lot of force on the die-cut waste to strip it, this is the right device for you. But it is fully employable also for normal waste of course. This device is driven by a pneumatic 840 watts ATLAS COPCO motor.

Our pneumatic types AWEX-T2, AWEX-8 and AWEX-T2D are very robust and very low-maintenance. For the main processing of corrugated cardboard, we also offer our special T2W-chain for this device.
For the US and UK market, all pneumatic types are also available with a two-handed safety system.

For the AWEX-T2 , AWEX-T2D and the AWEX-8 we recommend to order a lubrication unit too. (Filter with water separator, reduction valve, pressure gauge, air line lubricator, mounting bracket and screws.) It is absolute necessary to use a lubrication unit to protect the air driven motor

AWEX carton-stripper

Lightning-fast stripping of the outer die-cut waste from carton, microwave and corrugated board stacks with our AWEX carton-strippers.

Finish the time‐consuming and stressful waste‐stripping by hand. Our AWEX carton‐strippers allows lightning fast removal of die‐cut waste from folding carton, e‐flute, cardboard, microwave‐ and corrugated board. When breaking out the die‐cut waste with our AWEX carton‐strippers, the sheets remain exactly stacked as they left the die‐cutter. Designed to meet the requirements of our customers, our AWEX carton‐strippers have proven their worth in cartonboard and board processing worldwide for 40 years.

Requirements for using our technology.

Prerequisite for using our technology is that the outside trim must be cut into trim sections. Except from this is the clutch edge. This will be stripped out reciprocally, on the left and right side. Please see also the enclosed principle picture for waste segments. Subdivide the waste edge in a way that the chain can operate at the widest part of the waste edge. Furthermore, the smaller the number of nicks (to heed at new forms), the faster the stripping operation will go. The AWEX carton‐stripper removes the trim section by section at high speed. A section of the stack of 250 sheets high can be removed in one second for instance. This performance results in a substantial lowering of manual stripping cost.

Handling of our AWEX carton-strippers.

The principle and handling is very simple.
The chain of the AWEX carton‐stripper is placed with some pressure on the outer edge of the waste before the device is switched on.
The rotating, hardened and hard‐chromed chain strips the exterior trim from the die‐cut sheet at high speed.
Slide down the AWEX carton‐stripper with some pressure on the waste trim.
Depending on the number of nicks and the breaks of the die‐cut waste, you have to do a right / left combination with the AWEX carton‐stripper to break out the die‐cut waste along the full length of the stack. A chrome‐plated cover over the chain prevents damage to the sheets and helps you to slide down the stack easily.